Time and Circumstance

Things I’m doing today that 10 years ago I never thought I would be doing and why:

  1. Reading all of my news online.
    Why? Because news publications never figured out a customer subscription model that would outcompete the internet on cost, convenience, and reliability.

  2. Paying for a service to manage all of my internet passwords.
    Why? Because my passwords are cryptic and I have hundreds of them and as I get older it gets harder to manage them all.

  3. Quitting Twitter indefinitely.
    Why? Because Jack Dorsey and his team of minions have no plan for monitoring and censoring users and because bots are annoying and a big part of the problem they choose to ignore. Their actions to date do not constitute a plan.

  4. Paying for a service to sift, rinse and curate the information I receive and read online.
    Why? Because the internet is an ever-growing worldwide haystack and there are great things to be found.

  5. Working out at a gym with regularly programmed classes only. 
    Why? Because I wanted to try something new to challenge myself physically and mentally and I enjoy meeting new people who push themselves.

  6. Reading more fiction books than non-fiction.
    Why? I’m burnt out. The last 20 or so years I have been reading non-fiction only. It’s time to change it up and feed my mind something new. This is a new adventure and a new strategy.

  7. Spending Sundays with family but not attending church service.
    Why? Because we stopped attending church services in March 2020 due to the pandemic and all of its hampering. We settled into other family routines and we’ve enjoyed it. I expect we’ll be getting back to our Sunday church service at the end of summer.

  8. Solving the Rubik’s cube.
    Why? Because my son is currently into puzzles and legos and building block thingies. I love watching him create and solve. He inspires me. He has a Rubik’s cube and a Pyraminx that he has been working on this summer. He solved his first Pyraminx today! I solved my first Rubik’s cube this summer and I would not have even attempted it without his influence. Circumstance.

I like this scripture in Ecclesiastes from Solomon:

I have seen something else under the sun:

The race is not to the swift

or the battle to the strong,

nor does food come to the wise

or wealth to the brilliant

or favor to the learned;

but time and chance happen to them all.

NIV Ecclesiastes 9:11


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