Advancing business accounting for small and midsized companies


A trusted partner of growing small and midsized companies throughout the Midwest. Built on professionalism, servanthood, strategy and execution. Come grow with us!


  • Controller Services

    A strategic partnership that leads, manages and executes the accounting functions, controls, and cash flow performance of your company in alignment with the company’s strategic goals..

  • Accounting Support

    Our experienced team supports CFOs, Controllers, and Accounting Teams in executing the day-to-day demands. Our experience includes work in both government and private enterprise.

  • SIM Analytics

    Our SIM Analytics service works with CFOs, Controllers, accounting teams and department managers to incorporate business analytics solutions that support company leadership in data-informed decision making.

  • Growth Consulting

    We consult business leaders and management teams on market strategies and the development and implementation of effective business processes that serve the current and future stages of business growth.

Advancing business is about strategy and execution.

Simlogi works at the strategic level with the leadership of growing small and medium-sized businesses to advance accounting and financial operations. Our focus is on implementing and executing effective financial management processes that create wealth for equity holders.


It all starts with strategy because every growing business needs a plan to succeed. We work with business leaders to understand their business goals and objectives so that our execution delivers on expectations.


Execution is our bread and butter and it is the way we have been “wowing” our business partners for the past decade. We are technologists at the core and we know you will be pleasantly surprised with how far that will take your business accounting operations.


Execution in alignment with business strategy is how every growing company succeeds. Our greatest success stories are filled with relief, clarity, insight, and growth for all of our customers. Planning properly, executing diligently, and delivering consistently is what you can expect from us!